About Pyramids

The Pyramid-a special shape

The pyramid is a very special shape which has been seen as a supernatural source of power or energy of the universe. It is a geometric amplifier which enhances ones strength of prayer & spiritual level. It is a sacred shape & any kind of healing or therapy done under it, is said to become more effective. It is said to give good health, wealth, & well being. Pyramid System is based on Vedic Astrology. Pyramid Geometry takes positive energies from the environment. Various Pyramid patterns prevail in nature & are very inspiring. Example: The spirals in a snail shell, arrangement of leaves on a stem, pattern of seeds of a sunflower & most importantly, the Great Pyramids of Egypt, which were made with great precision & have housed mummies for centuries. We are aware of the holistic power of these amazing structures. So, the Pyramid shape seems to have some special energy.

Benefits of using Pyramids

Meditation inside a pyramid is said to increase feelings of calmness, positivity, telepathy, consciousness, visions etc. It is good for creative thinking, meditation & simply relaxing after a strenuous day. It may amplify ones thought energy such that an idea may actually get manifested in real. It is also said to increase the nutritional content, enhance the taste & preserve food items placed inside or under it. Studies have shown that even plants and animals benefit greatly when housed inside a pyramid shape. It harnesses Cosmic Energy & thereby increases energy levels. It improves the power & quality of meditation & may expedite healing of the human body. It helps to harmonize the environment, to charge crystals & to connect to higher frequencies. This is a small summary from the many more benefits that pyramids offer.

How to use the Pyramid for Meditation

Here is a basic guideline on how to use the Pyramid. This is just a suggestion whereas your own gut feeling & your own special way is always the best! You may sit inside or under a Pyramid in comfortable clothes & posture with a relaxed state of mind. One may chant some mantra or simply meditate. Sitting in a particular direction may be important here. Best results have been achieved by most people by facing towards North direction. For good health, facing East is recommended & for better wealth in future, North-East direction is advised.

Direction & Angle of Pyramids

This is a metallic pyramid which is advised to be aligned towards the magnetic North direction to have the greatest effect because a metallic pyramid harnesses the electromagnetic field of the Earth & concentrates its energies onto its surface, where the metal is.

The ideal height of the pyramid can be determined by the average height of the people using it. The maximum energy is said to be concentrated in the one-third area from its top. All our pyramids are designed keeping these specifications in mind & are very accurate. The angles of the tubes are very precise.